Learning to Play Online Video Poker

Video poker can be called the simpler version of the popular casino game of poker. You don’t have to spend time learning the rules or play against others; online video poker is something you play alone with a machine. It is a simple game and the bets are more methodical. You will find that it doesn’t take much time to learn what works for you.

One of the best ways to play video poker is to visit a trusted video poker casino that has been carefully screened by us. We list only those online casinos that accept Canadian Dollars.

Why Play Video Poker?

Video poker was created by combining the best and simplest features of traditional poker and online video slots. The game doesn’t require as much skills as in poker, or as much luck as in slots. You will have to learn a few rules, but it is still far simpler compared to slots or poker.

The combination of a liberal pay table and little bit of skills helps you enjoy a small edge, and the return in some of the games could be over 100%. What makes online video poker different from other online casino games is that pay table is based on what players get in return against their gambling dollar.

Still video poker is a game of skill, but its basic rules make it a lesser game of skill compared to other casino games. All you require is lots of practice coupled with an effective betting strategy to improve your odds of winning.

The Rules of Video Poker

  • Choose your Bet – Choose the value of your bet. Consider it to be a credit and it can range between CA$0.25 and CA$5.
  • Place the Bet – The larger the bet, the higher the winning amount is going to be. If you are aiming for the jackpot, make sure that you bet the maximum amount without concern about the value of each bet.
  • Choose the Deal Card Button – Click the deal button to start the game.
  • Make the hand – Once the cards are dealt, choose the cards you want to keep and the ones you want changed.
  • Bonus Round – If you get a winning hand, you may enter a bonus round where you get the option to play double or nothing or gather your winnings. You will be deal 5 cards with 1 face-up card and you will have to choose one card with higher value from the other 4.

Variations of Video Poker

Level up Video Poker

When your hand matches with the minimum strength to get a payout, you will enter the next higher level. Every higher level increases the payout in multiples.

Multi Hand Video Poker

This is more of a variety of playing styles than a variation of video poker. All the rules are the same as in the original version but players can play many same first-draw hands simultaneously. This increases your odds of winning.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

In this version of video poker the 2s are wild. This allows you to trade these cards for another card that gives you a better edge. The return in this game can touch as much as 100.8%.

Jacks or Better

“Draw Poker” or Jacks or Better involves the use of a pair of jacks for starting the payoffs. A flush requires 6 credits and a full house requires 9 credits.

The jack is the lowest payout hand in Jacks or Better. Similarly, you can use the logic for playing Kings or Better, Two Pairs or Better, and Aces or Better.