Tips to Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most widely played card games in the world. Online blackjack is available in many variations. Many players prefer playing online blackjack because it is relatively faster letting you play more hands. Besides, online casinos have larger bonus offers and let you enter big-prize tournaments.

Rules for Playing Blackjack

  • Place the bet
  • The dealer deals you 2 cards facing up. Every card has a value. A numbered card will be worth the rank number; kings, jacks and queens will be worth 10 points. The Ace can be used as 1 or 11 based on what benefits you the best.
  • The dealer deals himself 2 cards, one facing up while the other facing down.
  • Add the value of the 2 cards dealt to you. The total will help you decide if you will hit, stand, double down or split.
  • The goal is to get a hand total of 21.
  • If your hand goes over 21, you will “bust” or lose the bet.
  • The dealer will also play the same way to get a hand total of 21 until he wins or busts.

End of a Game

A game ends when you win or lose.

Your hand wins when:

  • The dealer stands with lesser hand value than yours
  • The dealer hand busts

Your hand looses when:

  • Your hand busts with a total of over 21
  • The dealer stands and has a stronger hand than yours

There is a “push” when:

  • Both your hand and the dealer’s hand forces both to stand after equal hand value

Additional Options


When you want to hit, draw a card from the deck and add its value to the previous hand total. It is possible to keep hitting until you bust or stand.


Once you decide to stand, you will not draw more cards. Your hand’s value will be equal to the sum of the cards when you decide to stand. The dealer will turn his/her card after you stand.


If the first 2 cards are of the same rank, it is possible to split them and form 2 hands. The dealer will deal you a second card for each hand, and you will now play with 2 hands against the dealer’s hand. The bet is handled by splitting its value between the 2 new hands. So if you bet $10, each new hand will now have a bet of $5.

Double Down

Double down means when you hit just one more time before standing. This will require you to make another bet of the same amount. Once you double down, you will have a 3-card hand and you cannot hit further. But if your first 2 cards are good, there is a better chance of winning.

Tips to win

The following are useful tips in helping you become better player in the game of blackjack.

  • Split the Aces and 8s
  • Avoid splitting 10s and face cards
  • Don’t try to play and beat the dealer. If you play to have more points than the dealer, the chances are high that you will bust.
  • Chance the amount of bet every time you place a bet. If you are in a winning streak, you can bet more. But avoid raising the bets when you are losing.
  • You can hit until you get as close to 17. But avoid hitting after your hand total reaches 17 to 20; chances are high that you can bust.

Blackjack is a game of strategy, you can become a better player by using some tested blackjack strategy.

Variations of Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack has a wide range of variations. It is possible to play the game with just a single deck or multiple decks. In some variations the rules are different for the dealer. For example, in some games he has to hit on a soft 17, and in others he has to stand on a soft 17. Even the payouts are different among these variations.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played using 2 decks. Players can hit as many as 9 cards.

Blackjack Switch

In this version you will play 2 hands of cards.


In this version, 5 to 8 players can play with 8 decks.

Double Exposure

In this version the dealer places the second card face up, but all the ties are won by the dealer.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is placed with a 48-card deck; the deck doesn’t have any 10s.